Be More Chill – Ned Vizzini

After I read It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I knew I had to read Vizzini’s other works. Be More Chill is about Jeremy Heere, a boy who is anything but cool. He has a crush on Christine and yearns for her, but how could an uncool guy like him get her? This is where the squip comes in. A squip is an illegal pill that will make him cool. Not only can he get Christine now, but any girl he ever wanted. All Jeremy has to do is swallow it, and the squip will talk to him the voice of Keanu Reeves.

While I didn’t enjoy this book near as much as It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I still liked it. Be More Chill definitely had it’s funny parts. One of my favorites included the death of Eminem. I also liked Jeremy’s best friend, Michael who is a big Weezer fan and also has a thing for Asian girls (like Rivers Cuomo). The ending was clever, even if I felt it was a little forced. My main dislike was that it needed more depth. It never really answers just how important popularity is.


3 Responses to Be More Chill – Ned Vizzini

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  2. Yan says:

    “…the death of Eminem” I’m just going to pick this book up for that reason alone~ XD

  3. Lauren says:

    I hardly remember this book…but I have read it. I liked It’s Kind of a Funny Story as well!!!


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