InterWorld – Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

Joey Harker is just an ordinary boy, until one day his social studies teacher, Mr. Dimas, sends his students, in groups of three, to different sections of the city. Together, they need to find their way back to school. Joey soon gets separated from his teammates, and the next thing he knows, he is in another dimension. Joey meets Jay who explains everything to Joey. He has the ability to Walk, meaning he can travel to different worlds. With this ability, Joey joins the InterWorld, an organization whose goal is to stop HEX and Binary from taking of worlds. HEX wants to take over worlds using magic, while Binary chooses science.

I first became interested in reading this novel when I saw a post at Bloggin’ ’bout Books. It wasn’t really the review that made me interested–it was the cover. 😛

InterWorld is just plain fun. I loved all the different worlds. It’s like this: Science Worlds <———> Magic Worlds. A new world is created whenever a major decision is made. It’s a great play on “what-if’s.” There were also some great quotes like:

“Good. For a moment I thought you were going rational on me. Always remember: In an infinity of worlds, anything is not only possible, it’s mandatory.”

While I definitely recommend this book, just be aware that it isn’t anything life-altering.


3 Responses to InterWorld – Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

  1. Emily says:

    The cover is definately interesting!

  2. Yan says:

    ..Neil Gaiman…I have to read at LEAST ONE of his books…I feel so left-out ;P

  3. Lauren says:

    It definitely sounds interesting. I like the idea of a “what if?” world.


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