SayNation + Improvements

I’m constantly trying to improve my blog, so I would like to here what you dislike and like about my blog and any suggestions. It could be anything…maybe you dislike the layout, think I should have giveaways (I do plan on having some, btw), change the way I review, etc. Feel free to say anything on your mind. I am open to any and all comments, and they will be taken into consideration. Thank you so much!

I also want to share a survey site for everyone 13+ in the U.S.A. It’s called SayNation. It’s really a great website. All you do is take surveys for points, and it’s not ridiculously hard. The points can be redeemed for gift cards, books, games, charities, etc. If you do sign up, please use my referral code: 2972597030. It will earn us both points. šŸ˜‰


2 Responses to SayNation + Improvements

  1. chartroose says:

    I like your blog. Its plainness keeps it easy to read.

  2. Yan says:

    ehehe I signed up =) I also used you referral code =D

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