A Mighty Wall – John Foley

December 14, 2008

Jordan Woods has been climbing since he was six. His body makes him an ideal climber, but it also makes him a target for bullies. Luckily, during his freshman year, he becomes friends with Casey and A.J., two football players. Life is pretty good, and during his junior year, he meets Juana, a female climber, and they instantly hit it off.  Unfortunately, happiness can only last so long…

I received this book from BookDivas, and I looked forward to reading it. I love reading books about people that have interests in things I am not familiar with. Another example is The HighestTide by Jim Lynch. In that novel, the main character is fascinated by marine biology. Another connection between  The Highest Tide and A Mighty Wall is that they both take place in Washington. I would love to visit Washington one day.

Anyway,  I enjoyed A Mighty Wall. It’s pretty obvious as to what is going to happen to end Jordan’s happiness, but knowing this detail only made the novel slightly less enjoyable. For a long time, I was just waiting for it to happen, and I even became a little impatient. The greatest strength in A Mighty Wall were the characters. I loved the major and minor characters. All of them were incredibly realistic.  The only characters I disliked were the ones I was supposed to dislike like Briggs who bullied Jordan. Another strength was the humor. Without some humor, the novel would have gotten dull.

A Mighty Wall will be released April 1, 2009. In the meantime, you can vist John Foley’s website.