Trail of Crumbs – Kim Sunee

I am back from my trip to India, and here is my first review of 2009! 🙂

Trail of Crumbs is a memoir by Kim Sunee. At the age of three, Sunee was found abandoned at a Korean marketplace. She was adopted by a family residing in New Orleans. Sunee laters moves to Paris to live with her lover, Olivier Baussan who is founder of L’Occitane. However, this luschious life is not enough to keep Sunee happy. She constantly feels alone. Worse, Olivier becomes more and more controlling, and soon their relationship begins to faulter.

At first, I really enjoyed this memoir. Living in Europe for over ten years is quite enviable and fun to read about. As  I read more and more, I couldn’t understand some of Sunee’s choices. She was constantly unhappy with Olivier, yet I don’t recall her ever confronting him about it. It was as if she was afraid to speak. A relationship like that could not make anyone happy.  I know from what I wrote, Trail of Crumbs does not seem to be about food much, and while food is certainly not the main focus, it is there. For example, a recipe is included after every chapter. The recipes were my favorite part of the book.


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