In My Mailbox Feb. 2-7

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For more information on In My Mailbox, go to click here. The summary is from Barnes & Noble.

Project Sweet Life – Brent Hartinger (ARC)

For most kids, fifteen is the year of the optional summer job: Sure, you can get a job if you really want one, but it isn’t required or anything. Too bad Dave’s dad doesn’t agree! Instead of enjoying long days of biking, swimming, and sitting around, Dave and his two best friends are being forced by their fathers into a summer of hard labor.

The friends have something else in mind, though: Not only will they not work over the summer, but they’re determined to trick everyone into believing they really do have jobs. So what if the lifeguard doesn’t have a tan or the fast-food worker isn’t bringing home buckets of free chicken? There’s only one problem: Dave’s dad wants evidence that his son is actually bringing in money. And that means Dave, Curtis, and Victor will have to get some . . . without breaking the law and without doing any work!


5 Responses to In My Mailbox Feb. 2-7

  1. TheBookworm says:

    Sounds fun! 🙂 I going to add it to my wish list.

  2. Nancy says:

    Seems like a great book. I have never heard of it before and will have to investigate 🙂

  3. Ohhh I want it! I haven’t read anything by Brent yet, though I have been meaning too. This sounds fun.


  4. I love the title! Project Sweet Life!

  5. CB James says:

    It does sound fun. I’ve enjoyed his other books. He has a light touch that is very enjoyable.

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