Flavor of the Week – Tucker Shaw

I was looking back at the Barnes and Noble synopsis of this novel that I posted for In My Mailbox, and I noticed an error. The entire synopsis refers to Cyril’s best friend as Chris, but his name is Nick. Has anyone ever noticed something like this on other synopsises?

Cyril Bartholomew is in love with his lab partner, Rose Mulligan. However, Cyril is a little on the heavy side, and Rose only sees him as a friend. Cyril’s chubbiness also causes him to keep his love of cooking a secret. Then, Cyril’s best friend, Nick, moves back in town after two years. Nick woos Rose with Cyril’s kitchen-sink cookies and claims that he made them. Before long, Cyril is creating gourmet meals for Rose while Nick takes all the credit.

Story-wise, Flavor of the Week is a pretty ordinary novel. Shaw takes a typical loser boy, a typical pretty girl, and a typical best friend to create a love triangle. Nothing special, right? However, the inclusion of food in the novel created for a fun and pleasant read. Before I start, I might be a little biased because I love all things food, but I found it to be a creative add that, frankly, saved the novel from being a complete bore.

My favorite inclusion of food was Cyril’s audition to the American Institute of Culinary Arts, but even that was slightly predictable. Another thing I liked was that a recipe was included at the end of chapter. While most of these recipes were not simple, I think a teen could prepare most of them. Personally, I want to try to the kitchen-sink cookies.

While Flavor of the Week was a predictable read, I still enjoyed it. At 200 pages, with many of these pages consisting of recipes, it is also a quick read, so what have you got to lose? 😉


2 Responses to Flavor of the Week – Tucker Shaw

  1. wesker nan says:

    where did the story take place??

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