1968 – Michael T. Kaufman

1968 was a tumultuous year from beginning to end. In January/February there was the Tet Offensive.  In December, the first photograph of Earth from Space was taken. In between, there were riots and assassinations. 1968 by Michael T. Kaufman describes the year’s headlines along with many beautiful photographs.

I am a huge fan of the 60s, so when I saw this book on BookDivas, I knew I had to request the book. 1968 is filled with great photographs of the year. The photographs were easily my favorite part about the book. Each chapter also contains details about the event. The information is just enough. Readers don’t feel like they are reading a textbook, yet they gain a understanding on the topic. The back of the book contains full New York Times articles on the events of 1968. These articles are meant as supplemental information. It was a smart decision to include these articles in the back. If the articles were put into the chapters, it would just be too much information. 1968 is an informative book about the year 1968, and I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in learning more about the 60s. However, anyone without a particular interest to the 60s will probably find the book a bit boring.

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