Absolutely Maybe – Lisa Yee

Maybelline Chestnut is not anything like her mother Chessy. While Chessy won numerous beauty pageants as a teen, Maybe prefers to wear oversized t-shirts and dye her hair with Kool-Aid. Other than teaching young ladies at her charm school, Chessy enjoys drinking alcohol and getting married. When Chessy’s sixth husband lays a move (to say the least) on Maybe, Maybe decides to go to California with her two best friends, Ted and Hollywood, to find her biological father.

Absolutely Maybe was an okay book. There were some things that I absolutely loved, but other things just bothered me. I guess I will start with Maybe. I did not like Maybe. She was too self-centered, and I hated how she just waited for things to get better in California. Then, when her friends were improving their lives, she just moped about how they were all abandoning her. I liked Ted and Hollywood except in one situation. In this situation, Ted and Hollywood made Maybe sleep on the floor, while they slept in the beds. Guys should not let a girl sleep on the floor. 😛

I also thought the book was on the predictable side. I knew how Maybe’s father would turn out, and I also guessed what Hollywood’s movie was about. I think there was a cartoon show (I don’t remember which one) that had a similar episode.  However, this only slightly made me dislike the book. Maybe was the main cause of my dislike.

The best part of Absolutely Maybe was Yee’s writing. While she failed at making Maybe a great character, she succeeded at making all the minor characters wonderful. They were all fun and a little on the wacky side, which unfortunately, Maybe failed at doing. Also, Yee’s writing, along with the short chapters, made Absolutely Maybe a quick read.

While Absolutely Maybe was only an okay read, I would still recommend it because of the amazing minor characters! Oh, and after reading the novel, you may find yourself craving tacos. At least I did. 😉


2 Responses to Absolutely Maybe – Lisa Yee

  1. chartroose says:

    Well, Maybe sounds like too much of a whiner for me to really become attached to her. I can’t stand whiny people! Thanks for the review, Krista!

  2. Diana Dang says:

    Lol! Taco cravings, that is an interesting one to get out of a book!

    Hm, I might look into it then.

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