Go With Grace – George Alexopoulos

Grace is ill with a mysterious disease that also claimed the life of her mother. As a result, she must stay in bed all day. Grace’s father treats her badly, while Ashley, Grace’s sister, tries to comfort her and buys her journals. Still, Ashley can not give Grace the desire to live. Then, one day, a strange boy shows up in her room.  He wants Grace to let visit the outside world…

Go With Grace is not a manga title because it is not Japanese, and the illustrations do not have the typical manga style either (you know, big eyes). The author, George Alexopoulos resides in New Jersey. It was also read right-to-left which makes it a good start for beginners to manga or graphic novels. The illustrations are decent. They are not bad, but they don’t really stand out either.

My favorite part of Go With Grace is the setting. The world it takes place in is not a modern world, but it is close. There are televisions, but there are no cars. Instead, the characters travel by carriage. It seems odd, but it works. I can’t really imagine Grace living in the modern world, and this world was much more interesting than say the early 1900s. I would love to see more stories set in this world. 😛

(Minor Spoilers, maybe) I enjoyed the plot, although the boy did scream STALKER!!!! Grace did not even acknowledge that she knew the boy before he stepped into her room which made it more creepy. I also feel sorry for Ashley, but I understand why the end was the best choice. I would have liked to see Grace’s disease described in detail. Alexopoulous only touches on the subject, and that was not enough.


2 Responses to Go With Grace – George Alexopoulos

  1. Paradox says:

    This sounds like a really good graphic novel! Thanks for this review! Now I’m going to search this out.

  2. Cheska says:

    I love this graphic novel! (I already have it.) It was sad at the ending. But Grace was happy because she’s with Andy now.

    I love this graphic novel!! 😀

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