Cold Hands, Warm Heart – Jill Wolfson

It’s a short review, but a review nonetheless. 😉

Dani’s heart is on the right side of her body, meaning the wrong side. This has caused her life to be filled with many doctor visits. Then, at fifteen, her heart is struggling to keep her alive, so Dani must stay at the hospital. At the hospital, Dani meets Milo, a boy who needs a liver transplant. However, there is one person who can help Dani at the expense of her own life–fourteen year old gymnast Amanda. Amanda’s family must cope with the sadness of losing a family member, while knowing another family is experiencing joy.

First of all, Cold Hands, Warm Heart had an unique story line. I have never read a story about organ transplants, and it was very interesting. I can also tell that Wolfson did her reasearch on organ transplants. She combined so many perspectives and emotions in one novel! The problem is, though, that the novel is only about 250 pages. There were about 5 different point-of-views in the story, so there just was not enough space to fully develop each story causing the novel to lack depth. So basically, what was in the novel was good, but there was too much missing that ultimately could have made the novel great.


One Response to Cold Hands, Warm Heart – Jill Wolfson

  1. Paradox says:

    I also liked this book, but it didn’t stand out as a “great” novel to me either. But it was interesting to read about a subject I’d never really thought about before.

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