Flightsend – Linda Newbery

Charlie’s mother, Kathy, decides to move to the countryside in a place called Flightsend. Flightsend is a way for Kathy to get away from her old life. Ever since Kathy gave birth to a stillborn, she has not been the same. Her daughter would have been named Rose. As a result, Kathy quits her job and dumps her boyfriend. Charlie does not see how moving to Flightsend will help anything, especially herself. Now, Charlie will be far from all of her friends. However, soon after moving, Charlie lands a job waitressing at Nightingales and realizes she may be wrong about Flightsend.

I did not enjoy Flightsend. None of the characters held my attention. They were all kind of boring. The plot was not much better than the characters. Most of Flightsend deals with Kathy’s midlife crisis and how it all affects Charlie. I almost felt as if Flightsend dealt too much with Kathy’s problems. At times, I felt that this novel should not be labeled YA. This is especially bad considering that the novel is in Charlie’s point of view. My next dislike is completely subjective. I really did not like the font that Flightsend is printed in. The font is 12 pt. New Baskerville. This is the first time that a font has really bothered me in a novel, and I really think I would have enjoyed Flightsend slightly more if it was printed in another font. :/

On a more positive note, there was one thing that I enjoyed about Flightsend. While the things I dislike outweigh the thing I like, I think it is still worth mentioning. Flightsend takes place in England, and I did enjoy reading the English dialect. There were probably a few other small things that I liked about Flightsend, but I can’t remember them at the moment. Come to think of it though, if I can’t remember the things, then I must not have liked them too much…


4 Responses to Flightsend – Linda Newbery

  1. Alexa says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest opinion about this book. I might read it just to see what it’s like, but at least I know what to expect now.

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks for such an honest review! I personally enjoyed this one, but I love reading different opinions.

  3. rachel says:

    I’m putting this book in my 2 read pile. thanx 4 the review!!

  4. Paradox says:

    Aw.. That’s too bad that you didn’t like it. It has a really nice cover.

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