Girl Stays in the Picture – Melissa de la Cruz

Devon is the latest teen music superstar. Now, she plans to start an acting career by starring in the film Juicy. Juicy is produced by the famous Sol Romero. Romero’s daughter Livia has just had gastric bypass surgery and is ready to start her new life. However, the success of Juicy becomes questionable when Devon’s party lifestyle lands her a spot in rehab. The studio execs are not sure if Devon is the right person to make this film successful. In comes Summer Garland, another teen music star, who will play Juicy’s best friend. Along with Summer comes her assistant, Casey, an ordinary girl from Alabama.

Girl Stays in the Picture is a fun summer read. The greatest strength of the book lies in the characters. Cruz gave each character his or her own distinctive qualities. Out of the four main girls, Casey, Livia, and Devon were all very likable. Summer was also an interesting character. She was the novel’s evil girl. A book about Hollywood just would not be complete without a character who would do anything to reach stardom, right? My favorite thing about the novel was how the media portrayed Devon and Summer. Towards the beginning, the media embraces Summer as a replacement for the party girl Devon. As the story progresses, readers learn what Devon and Summer are really like, and how the media can skew things. As for the guys in the story, most of them were drool-worthy, particularly, Jamie, a British actor, and Bruno, a local French boy.

Other than the characters, I also enjoyed the setting. The story takes place in the exotic Saint Tropez in Southern France. The setting helped give the story a more of an elite Hollywood feel. The story ends on a major cliffhanger, which honestly frustrated me, but I will definitely read the sequel.


4 Responses to Girl Stays in the Picture – Melissa de la Cruz

  1. Diana Dang says:

    I might look into it. Thanks for the review!

  2. Alexa says:

    I love Melissa’s books. This is defiantly going on my TBR pile.

  3. rachel says:

    melissa de la cruz’s books r awesome. Have u read her blue bloods series? its really good.

  4. Paradox says:

    This book looks like a lot of fun, and I love Melissa’s Blue Bloods series, so I’d love to read this one!

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