A Little Friendly Advice – Siobhan Vivian

Ruby’s father left her and her mother years ago. Ruby has not seen him since. However, on Ruby’s sixteenth birthday party, her father surprisingly shows up. Ruby wants nothing to do with him. Beth, Ruby’s best friend, completely supports her decision. In fact, she encourages it. After Ruby’s father left her, Beth helped Ruby heal, and she does not want Ruby to get hurt again. Ruby’s other friends, Maria and Katherine also support her decision. Soon, however, Ruby learns that some of her friends are keeping things from her, and she becomes more confused than ever. Not too mention, she meets Charlie…

I absolutely loved this book. Vivian did an amazing job creating the characters. All of the characters are unique and more than likable. While I’ve never been in a situation like Ruby’s, I was able to relate to her. I also liked how Vivian included little details that, overall, made each character seem more realistic and progressed the story. For example, Ruby liked taking polaroid pictures. While this can seem like a small insignificant detail, Vivian uses it to help introduce characters. One of my favorite things about A Little Friendly Advice is the relationship between the girls. They really aren’t the typical group of best friends. For example, Ruby is definitely closer to Beth than the other two girls, and they keep secrets from each other. I really liked this aspect of the book because it made the book seem more realistic and helped develop the plot better.

After I read this book, Charlie became one of my top book crushes. He is just adorable. To give you a sample of his cuteness, when he first meets Ruby, he gives her a button that says, “Hello.” You see, Charlie likes to make buttons. He also had a great Halloween costume, although I won’t tell you what it was. 😉 I also really liked the ending. The ending included an interesting surprise. It also showed that while people may have the best intentions, sometimes it’s best not to do certain actions in an effort to protect others.

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2 Responses to A Little Friendly Advice – Siobhan Vivian

  1. Diana Dang says:

    Sounds like an interesting read!

  2. Paradox says:

    This book sounds so cute and interesting! I’ll have to check it out!

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