The Book of Luke – Jenny O’Connell

Emily Abbott has always been the nice girl, but what has nice gotten her? Her family has decided to move back to Boston from Chicago in the middle of her senior year. There goes Emily’s boyfriend, Sean, and her chance as class valedictorian. She’s also been deferred from early admission at Brown University. To top it all off, her father has decided to stay in Chicago for a while. Now, Emily is tired of being nice and has the perfect opportunity to change. For the school’s senior time capsule project, Emily and her friends Josie and Lucy have decided to write a How-To Guide for Guys on how to treat girls. The girls then decide that Emily should test out the guide on Luke Preston, the hottest guy in school. Only, Emily realizes that she has a lot to learn…

The Book of Luke is a cute read.  Each chapter starts out with tip from the guide Emily and her friends make. The tips are pretty snarky, but they were fun to read.Here is Tip #18 from Chapter 7:

Just because you can urinate anywhere you want doesn’t mean you should–even if your aim is so good you can spell out “Red Sox Rule” in capital letters without taking a break.

See what I mean? Another thing I liked was how the people changed from Emily’s two year absence from her school in Boston. I thought the changes were well done and realistic. For example, Luke became hotter, and Josie’s family became rich. Despite these changes, however, they were pretty much the same personality-wise.

I did have a few problems with The Book of Luke. The ending felt a bit too rushed and unbelievable. The resolution was just a little too picture perfect. Also, I don’t know if it was just my edition, but there were so many tiny mistakes in the book. For example, there were three different dates for the high school class that would open the time capsule. They were 2016, 2017, and my absolute favorite 1016. A little bit more editing would have gone a long way. I also don’t like how Emily, Lucy, and Josie generalize guys into one big group because obviously, not all guys are the same, and all of them are certainly not jerks. This is actually a part of one of the themes in the novel, but it seems like common sense to me.

Still, The Book of Luke is a cute and light read that I definitely recommend.

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