Initiation – Susan Fine

St. Stephen’s is one of the most elite all-boys school in New York City. Mauricio Londoño is thrilled to attend the school. On the first day, however, Mauricio realizes he is an outsider and is not welcomed. Most of the boys have known each other all their lives and have wealthy lifestyles. Mauricio, half-Cuban half-French, has none of that. Now, Mauricio only wants to survive freshman year and the rest of his time at St. Stephens. Then, Mauricio is swept into an internet scandal along with the rest of the school. He soon realizes that people are not what they seem to be…

This is a hard review for me to write because I have so many thoughts about the novel, but none of them seem to make any sense together. Initiation‘s cover is an upside-down tie that looks like a noose. This suggests that some evil stuff happens in the book. While some bad stuff does occur at St. Stephens, I have read of stories where so much worse things happen at private schools (i.e. The Chocolate War) In fact, some of the stuff that happens in Initiation is not near as bad as stuff that happens in public schools. This just made the novel seem melodramatic. The way Mauricio reacted to these events only made him seem naive.

Now, here’s the weird part. Even though I did not like the main character or the plot, there was something about Susan Fine’s writing that made me want to read more. Admittedly, the novel became slow in the middle, but that did not stop me from wanting more. I guess I wanted more because I wanted the novel to improve, and I truly feel that Fine has potential to write great novels. Unfortunately, Initiation did not live up to (what I think is) her potential. Having said that, I look forward to other novels Fine writes.

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One Response to Initiation – Susan Fine

  1. Diana Dang says:

    Hmm, what a curious book!

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