The Amanda Project: Invisible I – Stella Lennon

When Amanda Valentino enrolled in Endeavor High School, she chose a person to be her guide.  That person was Callie Leary. Then, Callie is called up to the principal’s office along with Hal Bennett and Nia Rivera. They learn that Amanda has disappeared, and she’s left each of them clues to find her. Together, they also learn that Amanda secretly chose each of them as her guide. Why would Amanda choose all of them, yet keep it a secret until now? And most importantly, where has Amanda gone? As the trio attempt to unravel the truth, they realize the mystery of Amanda is larger than any of them ever suspected…

Before I begin with my thoughts, I should explain The Amanda Project. The Amanda Project is a collaborative project between several YA authors, all under the alias Stella Lennon. The author of Invisible I, the first book of the series, is actually Melissa Kantor. The series is also interactive. Readers can go to The Amanda Project (, where they can help Nia, Callie, and Hal find Amanda and do other fun stuff. The pages of Invisible I are also filled with fun doodles, which create a unique reading experience. The setup is a great idea, and I have to admit, somewhat ballsy.

Overall, I enjoyed Invisible I, but I did have a few problems with the novel. Other than the basic setup, I really liked the characters of Nia, Callie, and Hal. Clearly, Amanda chose these three as her guide because they are all very different. Callie is a part of the popular group, Nia embraces the fact she’s unpopular, and Hal is artsy. Putting these completely different people together helped create a unique group of characters, and these characters will keep readers entertained throughout this novel and hopefully the rest of the series.

Now, for my dislikes. While I realize because Invisible I is the first of a series, many of the questions will not be answered. However, it seemed that all the questions at the beginning of the novel lead to about ten others. So basically, the whole novel is basically just a bunch of questions that never get answered. The lack of closure really frustrated me, but I think the next novels in The Amanda Project series will not have that problem.

I recommed this novel to anyone looking for a unique reading experience.

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One Response to The Amanda Project: Invisible I – Stella Lennon

  1. Donna says:

    I really enjoyed this book. There are actually going to be 8 books in the series so it’s not a surprise that the first book is just filled with a bunch of unanswered questions. For me, it just makes me want to get the next book that much quicker!

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