The Tear Collector – Patrick Jones

“Fans of urban fantasy should prepare for a new kind of vampire–one that feeds off of tears instead of blood. Descended from an ancient line of creatures that gain their energy from human tears, Cassandra Gray depends on human sorrow to live. Only Cass has grown tired of living this life and wants to live like a human, especially now that she’s met someone worth fighting for.”

The Tear Collector had an interesting  concept. I have never heard of a vampire that lives on tears instead of blood. With such an interesting concept, I was hoping for a great novel. Unfortunately, I got just the opposite. The first thing that bothered me was that it seemed so cliched. I felt like I knew exactly what would happen. The novel was worse than cliche though: it was also boring. Nothing about the characters interested me. They were just very…blah. The whole bunch felt underdeveloped. Jones could have made the novel quite interesting with character development. However, he did not, and this caused the novel to feel unsatisfying.

This review is for Traveling to Teens.

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One Response to The Tear Collector – Patrick Jones

  1. Mishel says:

    This one didn’t work for me either.

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