Anatomy of a Boyfriend – Daria Snadowsky

Dominique Baylor, a high school senior and an aspiring doctor, has never had a boyfriend. She attends a small private school in Florida, so even the prospects are low. Her best friend, Amy, attends a huge public high school. One day, both friends attend the school’s annual Seniors vs. Faculty football game. At the game, Dominique meets a cute boy, while she is “sprawled facedown.” Through Amy, Dom learns that the boy is Wesley, a cute track star. She then e-mails him, and they immediately have a connection. Before long, Dom experiences many firsts. However, with college decisions, Dom and Wes realize they are headed for two completely different paths. Will their relationship survive?

The Anatomy of a Boyfriend takes mature readers on the journey of Dominique’s first love. Dominique’s authentic voice was easy to relate to. She sounded like somebody I would like to be friends with. Her voice also made the novel a quick read. I finished this book within two days. Mature readers will also appreciate how Snadowsky incorporates sex into the novel, without idealizing it. Parts of the novel made me never want to do certain things. 😛 I also think Snadowsky realistically describes a long distance relationship after high school.

I did not have any major complaints with Anatomy of a Boyfriend, but a few things could have been better. I wish Dominique had more of a basis for falling head-over-heels for Wes. Part of me thinks Snadowsky intentionally wrote the novel so Dom lacked a logical reason, but I’m not really sure. I mean so many girls’ first loves are douches (from my observations at least). The lack of a basis hurt the resolution. Instead of the resolution seeming like the natural flow of things, it made Wes seem like a complete douche, when he was only partially a douche. Ok, I think I’m starting to ramble.

Overall, Anatomy of a Boyfriend is an accurate potrayal of first love that older teens will enjoy.

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2 Responses to Anatomy of a Boyfriend – Daria Snadowsky

  1. Diana Dang says:

    Sounds like a good book, I wanted to read this one for awhile!

  2. LoWeLO says:

    i can’t wait to get this book

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