The Espressologist – Kristina Springer

High senior Jane Turner works as a barista at a local Wired Joe’s along with her best friend Em. By recording the drink a person orders in her notebook, Jane learns that a person’s favorite drink reflects his or her personality. Soon, she realizes that this can be used to successfully match make people. When Jane’s boss learns of her skills, he does what any competitive boss would do: he markets them. However, Jane’s matchmaking skills soon bring trouble to her personal life…

The Espressologist is not novel that sets out to be an extravagant piece of literature. Instead, it sets out to be a fun, light-hearted book that will warm a reader’s heart, and the novel did just that. Sometimes, I read a novel and wish the novel had more substance. With a poorer writer, the same could have easily happened with The Espressologist. However, Springer wrote the novel with the perfect amount of fluff. Kind of like when baristas find the perfect amount of whipped cream to put on a drink. (Okay, I’ll stop with the coffee analogies.)

With this novel, Kristina Springer takes a clever idea and uses it as the basis for an adorable novel, perfect for lazy days. As I read this book, all I wanted to was curl up in a blanket and drink a cup of coffee. A book has never made me crave coffee as much as this one. The aroma of coffee seemed to waft from the its pages. While most of the characters were predictable, they were also likeable. Some of my favorite characters of The Espressologist were the minor characters who were regulars at Wired Joe’s. The minor characters gave the store and novel an authentic feel. This authenticity will help readers want more of Wired Joe’s and the story.

Overall, The Espressologist is a cute novel, perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted read.

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