Going Too Far – Jennifer Echols

Green-haired Meg goes a step too far when she and her friends go on the forbidden bridge that is rumored to have been the death site of a girl and her boyfriend many years ago. As a result, instead of going to Miami for spring break, Meg must spend a week with Officer After. Officer After plans to teach Meg the consequences her actions will have and learn why Meg must rebel. All Meg wants to know, however, is why a nineteen-year-old decided to be a police officer in their small Alabama town, rather than getting out. Both John After and Meg will push each others limits to find out the answers they are searching for.

Going Too Far is a provocative novel that will leave readers wanting more from Jennifer Echols. Told in Meg’s perspective, Going Too Far gives readers an inside look into Meg. Readers learn that, far from Meg’s rebellious exterior, the real Meg is just an ordinary insecure teen trying to come to grips with life. John After will immediately be loved by readers. He is definitely swoon-worthy. đŸ˜› Like Meg, readers will also want to know why John decided not to leave the small town. Meg and John may seem like an unlikely pairing at first, but after reading Going Too Far readers will believe that they are a perfect match.

One of the things I liked most about Going Too Far was the amount of depth Echols put into a novel that is mostly romantic. I seriously do not think I have read another romantic story with such depth. Readers will feel their heartstrings pulling while reading this novel. It’s that good! While Going Too Far did have some non-bothersome predictable parts, the parts I did not guess were simply amazing.

If you are looking for a romantic coming-of-age novel or just a good book in general, then I recommend Going Too Far.

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